SHR AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's XSP Texas Tease JH WCI DM CGC (Shiner) & AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's Absolute Texas Justice CAA RATN WC DN (TJ) & SHR AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's Texas Tempranillo JH CA WC DS TKN RATI CGC (Tempe) & SHR Texas Margarita at Vermilion JH WC DS (Rita)
SHR AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's XSP Texas Tease JH WCI DM CGC (Shiner) & AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's Absolute Texas Justice CAA RATN WC DN (TJ) & SHR AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's Texas Tempranillo JH CA WC DS TKN  RATI CGC (Tempe) &SHR Texas Margarita at Vermilion JH WC DS (Rita)

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Meet Shiner, TJ, Tempe and Rita 

proudly owned by Paul and Sherry Kriner

(or maybe we should say we are owned by them!)

Shiner, TJ, Tempe and Rita are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. They reside deep in the Heart of Texas where they can swim in the Guadalupe River year round, bark at the deer and the occasional skunk, and chase our cats. They retrieve every stick in the yard and that's not a few! Your arm will fall off before they are tired of bringing the sticks to you. Life around our house is never dull with them here and the cats can testify to that!

Tollers are wonderful dogs, a joy to be around and have enough energy for two dogs put into one. They are not for everyone and we invite you to visit the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club - USA website listed under Links to learn more about them. While you are looking at the Club website make sure you check out "Top 10 Reasons" under the Breed Information tab. It is humerous and educational all at the same time.






We hope you enjoy our website.  It's always a work in progress.

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