SHR AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's XSP Texas Tease JH WCI DM CGC (Shiner) & AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's Absolute Texas Justice CAA RATN WC DN (TJ) & SHR AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's Texas Tempranillo JH CA WC DS TKN RATI CGC (Tempe) & SHR Texas Margarita at Vermilion JH WC DS (Rita)
SHR AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's XSP Texas Tease JH WCI DM CGC (Shiner) & AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's Absolute Texas Justice CAA RATN WC DN (TJ) & SHR AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's Texas Tempranillo JH CA WC DS TKN  RATI CGC (Tempe) &SHR Texas Margarita at Vermilion JH WC DS (Rita)



Shiner is our first full bred Toller. In May 2009, after a lot of internet research, we asked Kathy, at Vermilion Tollers, for a hunting and companion dog. Boy, we didn't know exactly what we were asking for! By the time Shiner was 17 months old he had earned a UKC SHR (Started Hunter Retriever) title, a WC (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club USA Working Certificate) title and an AKC JH (Junior Hunter) title. Then to surprise us he earned his AKC CH Conformation Championship title at the age of 20 months with very little show ring training. Shiner earned his NSDTRC-US WCI hunt test title in March 2011. In July 2011 he earned his AKC GCH Grand Championship conformation title. Through NSDTRC-USA he has earned a Versatility Certificate (VC). To add to all the fun, Shiner earned his North America Diving Dogs (NADD) /AKC Master Division Dock Diving title (DM) in 2014. His best jump so far is 23.6 feet. He has a great, relaxed personality but is a non-stop retrieving fanatic!


(AKC GCH NSDTRC-USA CH Vermilion's Absolute Texas Justice CAA WC DN RATN VC CGC VC)

TJ is our Toller handful. He earned his AKC and NSDTRC-USA Championship at the NSDTRC 2011 Backyard Classic (BYC) Kalamazoo, MI show and hunt tests. He took Best of Winner's for two days in a row earning 9 points to complete his Championship. He then earned his NDSTRC-USA Working Certificate (WC) title at the hunt test while there. One of the great compliments we received at the BYC was when we were asked if he would compete in the Sunday & Monday conformation shows. We said "No, he is now going to the hunt tests." The response was, "Thank You!"

He's very active, has to be into everything and, if anything is going on around him, he has to be in the middle of it. When corrected when he's done something wrong, and he knows it, he will give you a "Who me?" look that will melt your heart. Given an inch he will take 3 miles!!! TJ completed his AKC Grand Championship in December 2011. He earned his NADD/AKC Dock Diving Novice Division Title (DN) on October 5, 2014. Three weeks later he earned his AKC Coursing Ability Title (CA) in coursing abilility and in February 2016 he complete his advanced title (CAA) in Coursing Ability. Also in February 2016 TJ started in Barn Hunt, which he loves. It will be interesting to see how far he will go in the event. TJ was also awarded a Versatility Certificate (VC) through the NDSTRC-USA.



Tempe is named after our favorite Texas wine, Texas Tempranillo. She's out of amazing parents, GCH Fionavar Javahill Topgun CD (Maverick) and CH Vermilion's Option Card CD (Teaser). The picture on the left shows Tempe at 7.5 weeks and the one on the right she's 9 months. Tempe attended hunting boot camp with Rob Babcock in Minnesota in the summer of 2014. Once she returned home she finished her summer off by earning a NADD/AKC Dock Diving Novice Division title (DN). Her best jump has been 13.6 feet. She also earned her AKC CGC title. In January 2015 Tempe earned an AKC CA title in lure coursing/coursing ability. In February 2016 she started in Barn Hunt and earned her RATI (Barn Hunt Instinct) title. She loved Barn Hunt but took a break to have her first litter.  She will continue in this field. Also in February 2016 she earned her AKC Championship (CH) title. In 2017 Tempe has been hard at work.  First she earned her UKC HRC SHR (Started Hunting Retriever) title.  Then she earned the NSDTRC-USA WC (Working Certificate) title by passing the Club hunt test (twice).  She earned her AKC JH (Junior Hunter) title.  In the summer of 2017 she surprised us by earning her NADD/AKC Dock Senior title by jumping 19 feet.  Tempe earned her AKC GCH (Grand Champion) title in March 2019.  We are very excited about her and look forward to all of her Toller experiences.


(SHR Texas Margarita at Vermilion JH WC DS)

Rita is the newest to join our growing family. She is out of a stunning dog from Canada, GCH Oryxes Big Pond Cruiser (Pond) and our Tempe. She's a bundle of joy and Toller enthusiasm.  She had already proven to love water and we can't keep her out of it.  During the summer of 2017 we took Rita along with Tempe to try her skills at dock diving.  She loved it and earned her NADD/AKC Dock Senior title her first weekend out.  Her best jump was 19 feet.  Rita earned her UKC/HRC Started Hunter title in the spring of 2018 with four tries and four passes.  She earned her AKC Junior Hunter title in November 2018.  In April 2019 she earned her WC (Working Certificate) from the national club, NSDTRC.  Rita has a wonderful personality and is a fun dog to train, trying sometimes, but fun.



The start of our love for Tollers

Lexi was rescued in 2004 as a puppy from a no-kill shelter by our son. She had an extremely calm and affectionate yet youthful personality, coupled with a high level of intellegence. We believe she was a Toller/Golden Retriever mix. She had the Toller retrieving drive and the relaxed attitude of a Golden.

Sadly in 2016 Lexi left us to go over the rainbow.  She will always be in our hearts and memories.


We hope you enjoy our website.  It's always a work in progress.

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